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2010- 2000

Doky: Russian Album
Ketil Bjørnstad:
(Emarcy 2007)
 Youn Sun Nah: Memory Lane
Youn Sun Nah:
Memory Lane
(Seoul Records 2007)
Stefan Pasborg: Triplepoint
Stefan Pasborg:
(ILK 2007)

Niels Lan Doky: Return to Denmark (Bro Recordings 2010)
Mette Juul: Coming In From The Dark (Cowbell 2010) *
Ulrik, Koppel, Balke, Danielsson, Riel: The Adventures Of A Polar Expedition (Cowbell 2010) *
Koppel, Werner, Andersson, Riel: A Way With Words (Cowbell 2010)

Dahl-Vinding-Riel: In Our Own Sweet Way (Storyville 2009) *
Santa Cruz: When The Sun Goes Down (Gateway 2009) *
Koppel, Watson, Werner, Boussaguet, Riel: At Ease (Cowbell 2009)
Bent Jædig: The Free Spirit (Little Beat Records 2009)

Lill Lindfors: Coastlines (Grappa Musikkforlag 2008)
Erik Moseholm: Kompositioner 1957-1982 (Music Mecca 2008)
Finn Savery: Collection (Music Mecca 2008)
Birgit Brüel: Birgit Brüel synger dansk (Musik Mecca 2008)
Radka Toneff: Set it free (Musikkoperatørene  2008)
Benjamin Koppel & Charlie Mariano with Alex Riel Trio: Blues And Ballads (Cowbell 2008)

Niels Lan Doky: The Russian Album (Copenhagen 2007)

Stuff Smith: Master Of Jazz (Storyville 2006)
Max Leth: The Very Thought Of You (Music Mecca 2006)
Pedro Biker: The Song Is You (Universal 2006)
Finn Savery: Presenting Finn Savery (Universal 2006)
Finn Savery: Collection (Music Mecca 2006)
Masters of jazz: The Sampler (Storyville 2006)
At the spot: A peek at the 1960’s Nordic jazz scene (Ricky Tick 2006)
Kenny Dorham: New York 1964 (RLR, Rare Live Recordings 2006)
Santa Cruz: Cruzing (Cowbell 2006)
Benjamin Koppel: The Reykjavik Recording (Cowbell 2006)
Benjamin Koppel feat. Phil Woods and Alex Riel Trio: Pass The Bebop (Cowbell 2006)

Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen: Friends Forever (Sony 2005)
Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen: Bass in the background (Storyville 2005)
Jesper Thilo & The American Stars: vol 1 (Storyville 2005)
Jesper Thilo & The American Stars: vol 2 (Storyville 2005)
Dansk Jazz, vol 9 (POLjazz 2005)
Ulf Meyer, Martin Wind; Alex Riel: Feels Like Home (Cowbell 2005)
Barrelhouse, Blues & Boogie, vol 4 (Storyville 2005)
Barrelhouse, Blues & Boogie, vol 5 (Storyville 2005)
Peter Vuust Quartet: Image of falling (Imogena 2005)
Stuff Smith Quartet: Swinging Stuff (Storyville 2005)
Dexter Gordon: Lady Bird (SteepleChase 2005)
Sahib Shihab: Sentiments (Storyville 2005)

Putte Wickmann & Jan Lundgren: We will always be together (Gazell 2004)
Arne Würgler: Med egne ord (Exlibris 2004)
Ib Glindemann: Presenting Ib Glindemann and his Orch. (Fontana 2004)
Stuff Smith: Hot Stuff (Storyville 2004)
More Jazz After Dark (Universal 2004)
Hanne Rømer / Mads Granum Quartet: Everything you wanna know about Spring (Amanda Music 2004)
Dexer Gordon: Loose Walk (SteepleChase 2004)
Jan Lundgren: Les Parapluies De Cherbourg (marshmallow 2004)
Dexter Gordon: Misty (SteepleChase 2004)
Dexter Gordon: Heartaches (SteepleChase 2004)
Benjamin Koppel, Thommy Andersson & Alex Riel: The Copenhagen Incident (Cowbell 2004)

Ulf Meyer, Martin Wind feat. Alex Riel: Kinnings (Storyville 2003)
Olivier Antunes trio: Introducing Olivier Antunes (Marshmallow 2003)
Malene Mortensen: Paradise (Universal 2003)
Nordic End Quintet: Lög (Landing Duck Records 2003)
Portrait of Jens Melgaard: Stolen Moments (Music Mecca 2003)
Erik Moseholm coll. 4: Molde-Pori-Copenhagen (Music Mecca 2003)

Bob Brookmeyer: Holiday - Bob Brookmeyer plays piano (Challenge Records 2002)
Stunt Records Compilation vol. 10 (Stunt Records 2002)
Jens Jefsen Trio feat. Dave Wilczewski: BeJazzled (Stunt Records 2002)
Johnny Griffin and the Great Danes (Stunt Records 2002)
Erik Moseholm: Radiojazzgruppen (Music Mecca 2002)
Jan Lundgren, Jesper Lundgaard, Alex Riel: Perfidia (Marshmallow 2002)
Peter Vuust Quartet: homesick (Imogena Records 2002)

Abdullah Ibrahim with the NDR big band: Ekapa Lodumo (Enja Records 2001)
Peter Janson: Nordic Meeting 1999 (Dragon 2001)
All that jazz - Music from Denmark (Danish Jazz Federation 2001)
Jan Lundgren/Jesper Lundgaard/Alex Riel "Lonely One" (M&I/Marshmallow 2001)
Carsten Dahl Trio: Minor Meeting (M&I/Marshmallow 2001)
The Best of Stunt Records Vol.9 (Stunt Records 2001)
Eugene Pao & Mads Vinding Trio: Pao (Stunt Records 2001)
Sahib Shihab & The Danish Radio Jazz Group (Oktav Music 2001)

Mads Vinding Trio: Six hands, Three Minds, One Heart (Stunt Records 2000)
Edderkoppen: Musik fra TV-serien (DR 2000)
The Best Of Stunt Records Vol. 8 (Stunt Records 2000)
Fini Høstrup Trio: Stories (Stunt Records 2000)

1990 - 1999

Jan zum Vohrde: Here and Now (Stunt Records 1999)
Politiken Jazz Live: Dansk Jazz i 90'erne Vol.3 (Politiken Jazz 1999)
The Best of stunt Records Vol.7 (Stunt Records 1999)
Ulla henningsen: Overgivelse (Music Mecca 1999)
Steve Dobrogosz/Berit Andersson: Best of Dragon (Dragon 1999)

Peter Vuust: The Big View (Storyville 1998)
Tubby Hayes: Tubby Hayes Quartet In Scandinavia (Storyville 1998)
Mads Vinding Trio: Daddio Don (Stunt Records 1998)
Maria Montell: Smile (Polygram 1998)
Kim Larsen: We have all the time in the world (Polygram 1998)
Something Special (Polygram 1998)
Jens Jefsen: Kiss My Jazz (Stunt Records 1998)
Bob Brookmeyer Quartet: Old Friends (Storyville 1998)
NDR Big Band: Ellington (ACT Music 1998)
Trine Lise Væring: The Games We Play (Stunt Records 1998)
Chris Minh Doky: Minh (EMI 1998)
Embla Nordic Project: Imagic (Curling Legs 1998)

Doky Brothers: Doky Brothers 2 (EMI-Medley / Blue Note 1997)
Mads Vinding Trio feat. Enrico Pieranunzi: The Kingdom (that never dies ..) (Stunt Records 1997)
Dexter Gordon and Ben Webster: Tenor Titans (Storyville 1997)
12 Jazz Visits In Copenhagen (Stunt Records 1997)
Dansk Jazz i 90'erne (Politiken Jazz 1997)
Jazz antologier: Danish Drive (Music Mecca 1997)
Nikolai Gromin Trio: Blue In Green (Stunt Records 1997)
Joe Pass and the NDR Big Band: Joe Pass in Hamburg (ACT Music 1997)
Trine Lise Væring: In So Many Words (Stunt Records 1997)

Cæcilie Norby: My Corner of the Sky (Blue Note 1996)
Jesper Lundgaard / Repertory Qartet: Turn Out the Stars (Music Mecca 1996)
Allan Botschinsky: The Bench (Storyville 1996)
Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen: Those Who Were (Verve 1996)
Jesper Lundgaard / Repertory Quartet: The Joint Is Jumping (Music Mecca 1996)
Væring / Stenson / Vinding / Riel: When I Close My Eyes (Stunt Records 1996)
Danish Trad. Jazz (Music Mecca 1996)
Jazz Antologier '96 (Danish Music Export 1996)
Doky Brothers: Prinsens Sang (Walt Disney + EMI-Medley 1996)
Doky Brothers: Doky Brothers (EMI-Medley / Blue Note 1996)

Peter Herbolzheimer: Masterpieces (Motor Music 1995)
Thomas Clausen Trio: Psalm (Storyville 1995)
Jesper Lundgaard / Repertory Quartet: Hear Us Talking To You (Music Mecca 1995)
Danmarks Radios Underholdningsorkester: Woods and Lakes (Dacapo 1995)
Dansk Jazz 95: Swinging Svendborg (Music Mecca 1995)
Ulla Henningsen: The Man I Love (Sony Music 1995)
Jazz Antologier (Danish Music Export 1995)
Finn Ziegler: Finn Ziegler's Hjørne - Live (Music Mecca 1995)

Carmen R & B: Carmen (Black 1994)
Jazz Antololgier (Music Mecca 1994)
Peter Vuust Quartet: Travel Light (Olufsen 1994)
Jan Lundgren Trio: Conclusion (Four Leaf Clover 1994)
Doky / NHØP / Riel: Misty Dawn (Columbia 1994)
Jesper Lundgaard / Repertory Quartet: This Bass Was Made For Walking (Music Mecca 1994)
Jens Jefsen / Dave Samuels: Handshaking (Right 1994)

Uffe Marcussen: Back to Basics (Storyville 1993)
Ned Holder: Mane Stream (N. H. Music 1993)
Thomas Fryland Quartet: A Fairy's Tale (Music Partner 1993)

Thomas Clausen / Gary Burton: Flowers and Trees (M.A. Music 1992)
Karsten Houmark: Follow Me, Follow You (Stunt Records 1992)
Jørgen Emborg Quintet: Over The Rainbow (Storyville 1992)
All That Jazz (Danish Music Export 1992)
The Best of Stunt (Stunt Records 1992)

Bill Evans Trio: Tempo Di Jazz (Tempo Di Jazz 1991)
Jens Jefsen: Interaction (Olufsen 1991)
Thomas Clausen / Gary Burton: Café Noir (M.A. Music 1991)
Stuff Smith and others: Hot Violins (Storyville 1991)

Clementine: Mes Nuits, Mes Jours (Orange Blue 1990)
Niels Lan Doky Trio & Quartet: Friendship (Milestone 1990)

1989 - 1980

All That Jazz (Stunt Records 1989)
Karin Krog with the Kenny Drew Trio: Something Borrowed ... Something New (Meantime 1989)
Egon Denu / Bent Jædig Quintet (Olufsen 1989)
Niels Lan Doky / Gary Peacock: Close Encounter Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 (Storyville 1989)
Karsten Houmark: Some Other Time (Storyville 1989)
Torben Westergaard: What I Miss (Olufsen 1989)

Frans Bak og Det Blå Skrig: Fransk Film (Salut 1988)
Jens Winther Quintet: Looking Through (Storyville 1988)
The Danish - German Slide Combination: Fugue for Tinhorns (Bellaphon 1988)
Thomas Clausen: Thomas Clausen Trio (M.A. Music 1988)
Jean-Luc Ponty: Jean-Luc Ponty & Stephane Grappelli (MPS 1988)
Boel / Emborg / Vinding / Riel: Shadow of Love (Stunt Records 1988)
Thomas Clausen: She Touched Me (M.A. Music 1988)
Jazz Horizons: The Best of M.A. Music Vol. 1 (M.A. Music 1988)

Chet Baker:The Legacy (Enja 1987)
Frans Bak: Det Blå Skrig (Salut 1987)
Jens Jefsen: Interval (Stunt Records 1987)
Björn Thoroddsen Quintet (Stunt Records 1987)

Frans Bak's Kvartet: Dagen før imorgen (Salut 1986)
Al Grey - Jesper Thilo Quintet (Storyville 1986)
Finn Savery: Shunting (Point 1986)

Istanbul Express: Suite for Selma (Baile 1985)
Thorgeir Stubø: Fligth (Hot Club Records 1985)
Frans Bak's Septet: Daylight / Santa Cruz (Skylight 1985)
Doug Raney: Doug Raney Trio (Marshmallow 1985)

Steve Dobrogosz Quintet: Scary Bright (Dragon 1984)

Six Winds: Six Winds with Marilyn Mazur .. Jensen! (CBS 1982)

Radka Toneff: Live in Hamburg (Odin 1981)

1979 - 1970

Peter Herbolzheimer All Star Big Band: Jazz Gala Concert '79 (Rare Bid, Bellaphon 1979)
Jørgen Emborg: Sargasso (Kong Pære 1979)

Finn Ziegler: Live at La Fontaine (HPLP 1978)
Shepp / Adams / Sauer / Brüninghaus / Danielson / Riel: Tenor Saxes (Circle Records 1978)
Archie Shepp Quartet: Further Fire Music (Circle 1978)
Toots Thielemans: Slow Motion (Jazz Man 1978)
Lisa Linn and Bo Sylvén: Synge (R.C.A.Victor 1978)
Vidari Brongl: Brongl (Tutl 1978)
Peter Herbolzheimer Rhythm Combination & Brass: I Hear Voices (Polydor 1978)

Peter Herbolzheimer Rhythm Combination & Brass: Touchdown (Polydor 1977)
Peter Herbolzheimer & All Star Big Band: Jazz Gala '77 (Telefunken 1977)
Kansas City Stompers: ... med venner (Metronome 1977)
Kansas City Stompers: ... in England (Metronome 1977)

Dexter Gordon Trio: Lullaby for a Monster (SteepleChase 1976)
Warne Marsh Quintet: Jazz Exchange vol. 1 (Storyville 1976)
Eddie Lockjaw Davis Quartet: Swingin' Till The Girls Come Home (SteepleChase 1976)
Stan Getz with Peter Herbolzheimer Big Band: Times Lie (Atlantic 1976)
Peter Herbolzheimer Rhytm Combination & Brass: Hipwalk (MPS, Polydor 1976)
Farmer, Adderley, Griffin, Getz, Mulligan, Thielemans + others: Jazz Gala Concert (Atlantic 1976)
Kansas City Stompers: ... feat. Gert Rostock, Nils Henrichsen, Finn Ziegler (CBS 1976)
Kansas City Stompers: What a Party (CBS 1976)

Svend Asmussen Quintet: Telemann Today (Polydor 1975)
Dexter Gordon: Bouncing With Dex (SteepleChase 1975)
Dexter Gordon: More than You Know (SteepleChase 1975)
Dexter Gordon: Swiss Nigths vol. 1 (SteepleChase 1975)
Dexter Gordon: Swiss Nigths vol. 2 (SteepleChase 1975)
Dexter Gordon with orch., chamber winds and strings: More Than You Know (SteepleChase 1975)
Herb Geller Orchestra: An American in Hamburg (Atlantic 1975)
Herb Geller Orchestra: Rhyme and Reason (Atlantic 1975)
Birgit Brüel: Kvinde i Danmark (Abra Cadabra 1975)
Art Farmer, Peter Herbolzheimer + others (Muza 1975)

Kansas City Stompers & Wild Bill Davison: Wild Bill Davison in DK with Sanne Salomonsen (CBS 1974)
Dexter Gordon Quartet: Stable Mate (SteepleChase 1974)
Karin Krog with Palle Mikkelborg Orch.: You Must Believe In Spring (Polydor 1974)
Ken McIntyre & Kenny Drew Trio: Hindsight (SteepleChase 1974)

Ben Webster Quartet: My Man (SteepleChase 1973)
Jackie McLean - Dexter Gordon Quintet: The Meeting (SteepleChase 1973)
Jackie McLean - Dexter Gordon Quintet: The Source (SteepleChase 1973)
Jackie McLean Quintet feat. Gary Bartz: Ode to Super (SteepleChase 1973)
Kansas City Stompers: Danish Jazz Vol. 1 (CBS 1973)

Ben Webster & Savage Rose: Messenger (Polydor 1972)
Hacke Björksten All Star Sextet (Megafon 1972)
Monica Zetterlund: Chicken Feather (Sveriges Radio 1972)
Jackie McLean: Jackie McLean Live in Montmartre (SteepleChase 1972)
Tubby Hayes: Tubby Hayes Quartet In Scandinavia (Storyville 1972)

Ben Webster: Atmosphere for Lovers and Thieves (Black Lion 1971)
Clara Ward & The Ward Singers: Walk A Mile In My Shoes (Philips 1970)
Palle Mikkelborg: Concert dedicated to Torolf Mølgaard (Metronome 1970)

1969 - 1957

Ben Webster: Duke's in Bed (Black Lion 1969)

Tony Scott: From Early Blues to Avantgarde (NDR 1968)

Palle Mikkelborg and the Danish Radio Jazz Group: The Mysterious Corona (Debut 1967)
Bent Jædig: Bent Jædig 1967 (Debut 1967)
Birgit Brüel: Dame I Danmark (Metronome 1967)
Alex Riel - Palle Mikkelborg Quintet: 4th International Jazz Festival Praha '67 (Supraphon 1967)

Stephane Grappelli Trio: Jazz Masters 11 (Verve 1966-92)
Ben Webster: Days of Wine and Roses(Black Lion 1966)
Pedro Biker with Sahib Shihab and Ensemble: The Song Is You (Sonet 1966)
Stuff Smith, Stephane Grappelli, Svend Asmussen, Jean-Luc Ponty: Violin Summit (Saba 1966)

Ben Webster: Blue Light (Black Lion 1965)
Ben Webster: Stormy Weather (Black Lion 1965)
Ben Webster: Gone With The Wind (Black Lion 1965)
Ben Webster: There Is No Greater Love (Black Lion 1965)
Ben Webster: Live at the Jazzhus Montmartre Vol. 1 (Black Lion 1965)
Ben Webster: Live at the Jazzhus Montmartre Vol. 2 (Black Lion 1965)
Ben Webster: Ben Webster and Kenny Drew in Montmartre (Black Lion 1965)
Ben Webster: Midnight at the Montmartre (Black Lion 1965)
Ben Webster: Saturday Night at the Montmartre (Black Lion 1965)
Ben Webster: Sunday Morning at the Montmartre (Black Lion 1965)
Ben Webster: Intimate! (Fontana 1965)
Stuff Smith: Swingin' Stuff (Metronome 1965)
Stuff Smith Quartet: Blues In G (Vantage 1965)
Sahib Shihab and the Danish Radio Jazz Group (Oktav 1965)
Radiojazzgruppen (Debut 1965)

Karin Krog with Palle Mikkelborg and his Orch.: Jubilee: The Best of 30 Years (Verve 1964-94)
Sahib Shihab Quartet: Sahib's Jazz Party (Fontana, Debut 1964)
Dexter Gordon Quartet: I Want More (SteepleChase 1964)
Dexter Gordon Quartet: Cheese Cake (SteepleChase 1964)
Dexter Gordon Quartet: King Neptune (SteepleChase 1964)
Dexter Gordon Quartet: Billie's Bounce (SteepleChase 1964)
Dexter Gordon Quartet: Love For Sale (SteepleChase 1964)
Dexter Gordon Quartet: It's You Or No One (SteepleChase 1964)

Don Byas Quartet (Polydor 1963-64)
Archie Shepp - Lars Gullin Quintet: The House I Live In (SteepleChase 1963)
Kenny Dorham Quintet: Short Story (SteepleChase 1963)
Kenny Dorham Quintet: Scandia Story (SteepleChase 1963)
Finn Savery Trio: Presenting Finn Savery (Fontana 1963)
Sahib Shihab Quintet & Sextet: Conversations (Black Lion 1963)
Ib Glindemann and his Orch. (Fontana 1963)
Jack Dupree: Champion Jack Dupree Trio (Storyville 1963)
Roland Kirk: Live in Copenhagen (Magnetic Records 1963)

Jack Dupree: Truckin' on down (Storyville 1962)

Jack Dupree: The Blues of Champion Jack Dupree Vol. 1 (Storyville 1961-64)
Jack Dupree: The Blues of Champion Jack Dupree Vol. 2 (Storyville 1961-64)

Rågeleje Jazz: Billy Boy (Socialdemokratisk valgpropaganda-postkort 1960)

Brew Moore / Don Byas Quartet: Danish Brew (Jazz Mark 1959-61)
Steen Holkenow - Nat Russel (Life 1959)
Rågeleje Jazz: Rågeleje Jazz (Columbia 1959)

Leth / Hjulmann / Axen / Nielsen / Riel: Jazz og Poesi (Louisiana/Gyldendal 1958)

Black And Blue (Tono 1957)

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